Merging Entertainment & Interiors

Barbie movie

Over the past few years it’s become clear that TV can inspire our lives in many ways, from fashion to travel, and even the food we eat. There have been countless cases of popular TV shows and films inspiring home design and we’ve selected a few of our favourites to give inspo on what to watch and how to decorate.





The most obvious trend we’ve seen surging in popularity of late is Barbiecore. The upcoming live-action Barbie film starring Margot Robbie has unleashed every shade of pink into our homes, and we are here for it.


With that being said, Barbiecore isn’t about drenching your home in hot pink but instead adding a quirky, flirty touch of the colour. When introducing hot pinks, using them as accent colours or on accessories is the best option to prevent them from overwhelming your space. Also, try blending muted, earthy pinks with other bright colours such as cobalt blue or red for a sophisticated, contemporary palette. It’s worth always keeping a selection of neutrals on hand too, to avoid colour clashes becoming too intense.





Moving away from all things pink and bright, another influence has to be Bridgerton. The period drama brought Regencycore to life back in December 2020, when the first season was released. In March this year, we saw the regal trend once again dominating the homes and gardens with the release of season two. 

To embrace the Bridgerton aesthetic, you have to understand regal interiors. Think extravagant, royal decadence. In other words, classic chandeliers, antique mirrors and period radiators (although not strictly around in Regency London!) paired with intricate patterns and soft, powdery colours. Throughout the show, baby blues and pastel greens and pinks can be seen on the walls and furniture. 



If you want to incorporate a regal touch to your home, perhaps invest in smaller pieces such as brass candlesticks or an elegant china tea set. Larger pieces, sure to impress the ton, could include an antique dressing table, classic Chesterfield couch, or luxurious satin drapes. 

Finally, The Summer I Turned Pretty has brought all things coastal from our screens into our homes. The coming of age series was filmed in a beautiful beach house in North Carolina, covered in ocean blue shingles and complete with blue hydrangeas filling the garden. Inside, we see delicate blue and white wall coverings, rustic wooden furniture and rattan light shades.


The charming sea-side retreat had fans lusting for their own coastal home, inspired by the slouchy sofas, blue accents and antique pine table. The perfect summer sanctuary. 


And if living in an idyllic beach home is not on the horizon just now, a few select tips on how to blend a coastal feel into your interiors just might help. Layering different materials and fabrics, such as jute, wood and sisal, paired with duck-egg blues, can create a similar laid-back feel to the Cousins’ Beach sea-side home.


We’ve looked at a wide range of styles today, but what lies ahead? It’s apparent that TV and film hold great influence over our interiors. Keeping a keen eye for future shows that have a unique style is your best bet at finding a new, entertainment inspired interior trend to incorporate into your home.