Rise and Shine it’s Bed Month Time


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Sleep. We all do it – and spend a whopping 26 years of our lives (on average) in deep slumber. That equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours spent in bed!


The Sleep Council’s National Bed Month kicked off at the start of this month (March) to raise awareness of how important a good, comfortable bed is in helping with a good night’s snooze, and gosh don’t we believe it.


If we are spending 26 years of our lives in bed, it’s probably the most worthwhile investment piece when allocating spend for your home. We are big believers in creating a ‘sleep sanctuary’ kind of space, which looks at not only your bed and mattress, but your entire sleep surroundings to ensure you have a lifetime of pure blissful Z’s.

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Here are some of our top tips to help you create the ultimate sleep friendly space:


Temperature: Make sure your bedroom is the right temperature – you want it on the side of cool over warm as you have your duvet and all the snuggly accessories to warm you up. Crack open a window if need be for a bit of natural temp control


Light levels: Ideally you want it dark, black out curtains or an eye mask will help in this area

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Noise: we all need a little bit of silencio to sleep, sometimes a hard one to control especially in the summer when windows are left open but perhaps ear plugs if really needed or making sure your place has adequate windows to cancel out city noise if you live in an urban area


Bed linen: Invest in natural bed linen. The best part about these fabrics is their breathability – keeping you wonderfully warm, even on the coldest of nights, but never hot or sweaty because the make of the fabric allows air to naturally circulate