Our tailored influencer campaigns focus on identifying authentic partnerships which reach new, engaged audiences.   

In a world in which brands have to work hard to stand out, influencer campaigns can offer a valuable tool when it comes to reaching new audiences. The popularity of modern storytelling platforms provides an opportunity to nurture a new breed of communication that connects with consumers in a more organic way.

We aim to create measurable initiatives with clearly defined goals, forming an integral part of an overall communications plan. We can roll out activity on your behalf or collaboratively, partnering with in-house teams and digital agencies to maximise effectiveness and reach.

Effective influencer campaigns ensure your brand is shown in its best light with the right partner. In order to accomplish this, we build real connections and foster a deeper understanding of the talent and their audience. Helping brands to develop these natural relationships can result in layered storytelling, which commands greater attention and respect from audiences. Even in a digital world, people still buy into people.


20 years of keeping it real for the UK’s favourite brand

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